Subject Re: [firebird-support] initial connection taking too long
Author Olivier Mascia
Hello Dixon,

Tuesday, August 12, 2003, 7:58:21 AM, you wrote:

>> Firebird version
>> on a WinXP Pro
>> [....]
>> I am not sure this problem is a firebird issue. On the Win98
>> machines, it takes significantly longer than it should to make the
>> connection. On the Win2K machines, its faster, but not as quick as
>> it could be.

Apart from the .GDB extension issue (use .FDB for your databases),
which also hits accesses to ISC4.GDB (for which you can do nothing
except upgrading to FB 1.5), FB 1.03 contains a fix back-ported from
FB 1.5. Connections where artificially slowed down due to a
ill-behaving loop.

So FB 1.03 will improve your experience assuming you at least name
your databases .FDB and *not* .GDB. But FB 1.5 will really please you
with its speed of connection. I had to drop a connection pooling
mechanism in one app when moving from FB 1.0 to FB 1.5. The connection
pooling was overkill compared to the lightspeed connections of FB 1.5.

Best regards,
Olivier Mascia