Subject Re: copying data between FB DBs on the same machine
Author Opher Shachar
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> > There are two diffrent programs each with it's own DB.
> > Also, both DBs are on the same machine, so I need to copy DB to
> > (not server to server).
> I have to ask again - sorry,
> Is there a reason these databases aren't one database?
> I get the whiff of someone from desktop database environment
thinking too
> much along the lines that applications must have there own set of
> If you are copying data from one file to another, then there is
> between the data structures, types and use...
> In the world of SQL, when such commonality exists, the trick is to
house the
> data (normalised) in one database file - not many searate files..
> start thinking for a minute along these lines. Just a thought
> Alan
The other DB is of a 3rd party program :_(