Subject copying data between FB DBs on the same machine
Author opher_shachar
Hello all,
I'm a newbie to FB - but not to RDBMS (I've worked for years now
with Pervasive.SQL & MS SQL 7).
I have to different DBs on one server machine (ie. 'DB1.fdb'
& 'DB2.fdb'), and I need to copy data from a table in one DB to the
other DB.
Currently I do this from inside my program: I copy data between two
This is highly inefficient: Data traveles twice over the network
(Server -> Client -> Server)
Question: Can I do this by means of an sql INSERT/SELECT?
In MSSQL7 I would use: insert into table1 select * from DB2..table2
Quick and painless :-)

Thanx for any help