Subject RE: [firebird-support] copying data between FB DBs on the same machine
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello all,
> I'm a newbie to FB - but not to RDBMS (I've worked for years now
> with Pervasive.SQL & MS SQL 7).
> I have to different DBs on one server machine (ie. 'DB1.fdb'
> & 'DB2.fdb'), and I need to copy data from a table in one DB to the
> other DB.
> Currently I do this from inside my program: I copy data between two
> recordsets.
> This is highly inefficient: Data traveles twice over the network
> (Server -> Client -> Server)
> Question: Can I do this by means of an sql INSERT/SELECT?
> In MSSQL7 I would use: insert into table1 select * from DB2..table2
> Quick and painless :-)
> Thanx for any help

Is there a reason you don't have just one database?
Is this required regularly?
Is this to be done manually each time?
Bottom line you can't yet do what you want server to server... there are
other ways to get the same end point though