Subject Re: embedded server
Author Fabrice Aeschbacher

> > is it a shared lib? a static lib?
> It is a shared lib.

you mean

> All kinds of servers has one common API known as IB API. Write a
> program, link against appropriate library and you'll get either
> client application or embedded application.

If I link against libgds.o, I'll get a client app.
But against which lib do I have to link to build an embedded one?

> BTW, there is a static library. It is called libfbstatic and used
> in build process. Theoretically you can put everything into one
> executable. But sh-h!.. It is a big secret. ;)

Very interesting. Does this static lib also exist for FB 1.0.3 ?

> >We are very interested in this, being developping embedded software
> >running on linux / flash ram, and not having very much storage space.
> Then you'd better to ask someone of elders. May be they know how IB
> worked in cell phones and military devices.

Elders? Any advice?

> SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.

Thanks, Fabrice Aeschbacher