Subject Re: [firebird-support] embedded server
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
On 7 Aug 2003 at 8:23, Nando Dessena wrote:

>>>Does a version of the embedded server exist for linux?
>> It exists from the very beginning time. But it was and is a part
>>of classic server. Not this modern dedicated version of SS.
>BTW, is fbembed.dll technically a classic server, a superserver or
>none of the above?

Can't say exactly, but Dmitri Yemanov asserts that it is based on
superserver. At least during it's build macro SUPERSERVER is set as
well as EMBEDDED. This means that embedded server by Dmitri is an
adapted superserver. But once again: it is available for Win32 only.

SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.