Subject Re: [firebird-support] embedded server
Author Nando Dessena

>>BTW, is fbembed.dll technically a classic server, a superserver or
>>none of the above?

H> It's a superserver but without the capability to accept multiple clients,
H> or networked clients of any sort (not even localhost). Connection is
H> direct between the client and its embedded *server* and client and server
H> share the same inter-process communication space. It can only run on one
H> single physical machine. and the application has exclusive access to the
H> database as long as it is running. It doesn't go via the security database
H> to establish its right to connect.

thank you for the walth of information; still, based on your
description and Dmitry's post, it looks more like a classic server
than a superserver to me. Nonetheless, its ability to accept multiple
connections (from different threads in the same embedding application)
would, in confirmed, qualify it as a ss, perhaps.

H> While Dimitry isn't wrong (the Classic server always could be accessed by
H> "embedded applications") we have a fundamental confusion here in the use of
H> the term "embedded" to refer to two different architectural models.


Mmm... I don't think Dmitry meant "embedded" as in "embedded SQL".

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