Subject fetchrow_array problem with interbase
Author greatestates2001
I have an Interbase 6 database. I can read and write to it with Perl.

Whenever I attempt to run a "select * from mytable" in perl, and then
a subsequent fetchrow_array, I am always presented with an -804 error,
incorrect values within SQLDA structure.

No matter what I try, it is always the same. Curiously, I can UPDATE
and INSERT, just not SELECT & fetch.

I am DBD::Interbase 0.4, Interbase 6.0.2.

I have found this problem occuring to others on the internet but have
not found any way to resolve this.

** Errors produced **

DBD::InterBase::st fetchrow_array failed: An error was found in the
application program input parameters for the SQL statement.
- Dynamic SQL error
-SQL error code = -804
-Incorrect values within SQLDA structure