Subject (Again!) AV when using events in FB15
Hi all,

Can anyone confirm if this scenario causes
access violations in FBCLIENT.DLL?

1. Create a database (don't create any table).
2. Attach to the database via TCP/IP connection
string (server:db) Local connections are ok.
3. Start a transaction
4. Open a non-existing table
(Error: Table unknown)
5. Register an event
6. Unregister the event in step 4
7. Rollback transaction
8. Detach from database

I've tried this on FreeIBComponents and
FIBPlus (Trial) under Delphi 3 and both
gave me the AV. Could anyone try this on
IBX or IBO? Thanks!

BTW, I am using Win98SE and FB15RC5.
FB102 is ok though.