Subject Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 1619
Author Walter Neumann
Hi Pablo,
Am Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2003 15:36 schrieb Pablo Lerner:
> First: thanks for answering.
> Yes, I didn't define the charset when I created the databsae, but isn't
> this way suppose to make the database accept any character ? And if I
> define a specific field to a specific charset, shouldn't it work ?
> And besides the definition I gave, isn't a database engine supose to allow
> updates and deletes of any data wich where allow to be inserted ? How come
> I can insert a character in a VARCHAR field but I can't perform updates or
> deletes over it? What could I have done to achive such a behavior of the
> engine ?

Sorry, I can't answer your questions. But I had the same problem and could it
solve with defining the character-set in the database and in the connection.

> About the connection, I don't know how to define the charset within it. Do
> you know how can I accomplish that using Visual Fox Pro Views through a
> File DSN ? Would "SET NAME" help ?

I use Delphi and there is in the connection component to define the
character-set. I don't know, how it is to do in Visual Fox Pro.