Subject Re: [firebird-support] Can not start sweep thread
Author Scott Taylor
Ivan Prenosil said:

> Looks like you are short of some resources.

I doubt that, but what shortage would cause that? I have loads of
drive space and free memory on this Linux 2.4 server.

> I also guess that you have non-zero value of sweep interval, do you ?

If I do, it came that way. Most likely as it's filling my log with
the error message.

> You should disable automatic sweep by setting it to 0.

Where, how, why? Can you point to some documentations that supports
such an idea? All searching I have done does not seam to support
this. From what I understand, sweep is an integral part of DB

>> intrbase (Server) Sun Jul 6 17:04:02 2003
>> Database: /opt/planning/disp/dispatch.gdb
>> cannot start sweep thread (0)

So, what could cause it not to start? I really don't think not doing
it is a solution.