Subject What is memory specified by 'LockMemSize' from firebird.conf required for in SS archutecture ?
Author Ryan Baldwin

I have got a problem using embedded server RC1. When performing a commit I
get a 'No more room in lock manager' GDSException.

The application runs for about an hour inserting data before encountering
this problem. I have done far more intensive work with firbird SS before and
have never encountered this so I am wondering if there might be some kind of
resource leak in my application.

I assume that the LockMemSize in firebird.conf might be related to this.

Does anyone know what might lead to a 'No more room in lock manager' problem
in SS ?
Could it be down too a resource leak in client ?
Should I try increasing LockMemSize and if so how to determin a reasonable
value ?
Could it be a bug in RC1 ?

Thanks in advance for any help.