Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird for the entreprise?
Author Ann Harrison
Radu-Mihail Obada wrote:

>First of all, I did search the messages arachive for stuff related my
>question (and I seems I found nothing, maybe I need to further
>develop my search skills? ;-),
Have you checked IBPhoenix? We've got a certain amount of general
Firebird information there too.

>I come from a PostgreSQL background, so I'm used with highly-
>scalable, highly avaiable DBMSs. The question is, how much can
>Firebird scale? Say I have a 500-600M database, would that hurt the
>performance of my application?
As with any database, good data and application design is critical to
performance, but lots of people are running 20-50Gb databases in
Firebird without problems.

> Can Firebird fulfill the needs of a
>(small, but rapidly growing) entreprise?
It's been doing that for nearly 20 years.

>One more thing: how ANSI compliant, after all?
More so than PostgreSQL or MySQL. Less so than DB2.