Subject Firebird for the entreprise?
Author Radu-Mihail Obada
Hey everyone,
Just joined the group and already started posting :P.
First of all, I did search the messages arachive for stuff related my
question (and I seems I found nothing, maybe I need to further
develop my search skills? ;-), so here goes:
I come from a PostgreSQL background, so I'm used with highly-
scalable, highly avaiable DBMSs. The question is, how much can
Firebird scale? Say I have a 500-600M database, would that hurt the
performance of my application? Can Firebird fulfill the needs of a
(small, but rapidly growing) entreprise? I'm interested in all the
aspects of the problem... just because I like Firebird so much. It
hasn't been that long since I've started using Firebird (a month),
but till now, I've been only playing with it, haven't done any
serious work. So I want to know if it's ready for hitting the lights,
so to say.
One more thing: how ANSI compliant, after all?
Best regards,

P.S. If my question is that impertinent, that's because the docs and
papers on Firebird are really scarce, at least those that I found.