Subject RE: [firebird-support] Linux versions supported?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer


(puh, my huge respect with playing around with different linux distros
in different versions. It is surely a great "time-eater".

> The FB/Linux version incompatibilities are due to the high versions of
> GLIBC which have been used to compile the more recent Fb 1.5 binaries (or,
> rather, to build the libc++ runtime that Firebird links to). I think it's
> a showstopper but none of the Firebird devs thinks so, so who am I to
> argue? The problem from their POV is that the Linux C++ compiler support
> prior to GLIBC_2_3 is unstable.

Pah, isn't that complicated? I mean, everybody is blaming Microsoft
for there DLL hell, but, Firebird 1.x simply works on e.g. Windows
2000 (at least for me), and as long there isn't a reliable statement
what Linux distro/version Firebird 1.5 supports, I simply will not
start the Linux/Firebird 1.5 adventure. Period. ;-)

So, IMHO a reliable Linux distro/version matrix where FB 1.5 can be
used, is *absolutely* necessary, and cooking up something like that
is probably for the firebird-devs a snap (oops, isn't "snap"
trade-marked by Borland?).

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer

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