Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux versions supported?
Author Adam Clarke
Doug Chamberlin wrote:

>Unfortunately the two apps I definitely want to run on this machine are
>Firebird and Kylix. I understand they have conflicting requirements in the
>sets of distros they work on but I need to solve this problem at some
>point. (If I have to I'll start with Firebird and then make changes to get
>Kylix working.)
I have had both Firebird and Kylix running on Debian. I use the Testing
version on my workstation as it is a good compromise between stability
and new features. Debian has three main versions (Stable, Testing and
Unstable). Packages move from Unstable to Testing automatically when
there are no significant bugs reported against them. Packages only move
into Stable as part of an official release. The current stable is called

I noted recently that all of the Firebird builds (Classic, Superserver x
32, 64 bit) are in the Testing package repository which means that they
would be very easy to install on Debian.

# apt-get install firebird-<which one you want>


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