Subject Re: [firebird-support] Returning values from stored procedure
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Helen,

>> (...) Helen wrote:
>>> /* __EITHER__ make a returns-list if you want to output (...)
>>> /* __OR__ declare local variables to execute STUF on the (...)
>> This surprised me because it looked as if she said categorically
>> you have to choose between a returns-list and local variables. I
>> don't think she really meant that (maybe the caps made it look
>> extra heavy ;-)), but (...)

> Paul, only in the context of the question - emphasis to make it
> clear that you don't put the selected values into return parameters
> for working on them within the procedure.

Yes, I understand your logic and it makes perfect sense. It's just
that the initial _effect_ of the caps-n-underscores (at least on me)
was to draw a lot of attention to the Either-Or lines and make them
look like a categorical prescription.

And, like I said the other day, the fact that *you* wrote it made it
look even more, er... compelling. I said that jokingly but I meant
it, too. (If you don't know what to make of this, just take it as a

> Notice that I did recommend that this guy should RTFM.

Always a good advice. But if everybody would follow it... I wonder if
this list would be less lively?


(always reads the fornicating manuals)