Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux versions supported?
Author Lester Caine
> I am about to jump from Windows to Linux with a test server installation. I
> have total freedom to pick a Linux distro to start with but I need help
> deciding which to choose.

Had no problems with SUSE, and 8.2 passed all of our tests
from the box ( W2k Server STILL fails even after SP4 - which
ADDED faults ;) )

> Unfortunately the two apps I definitely want to run on this machine are
> Firebird and Kylix. I understand they have conflicting requirements in the
> sets of distros they work on but I need to solve this problem at some
> point. (If I have to I'll start with Firebird and then make changes to get
> Kylix working.)

I'm in the same boat, no problems with Firebird on any of
the SUSE versions I've used (6 onwards), but Kylix is a
different matter. Since there is NO support from Borland, it
has been decided that Kylix is currently a dead end, and so
we are going two ways. KDevelop with KDE3 and PHP4. The PHP4
stuff will of cause work with Linux or Windows so that is
where we are concentrating at the moment. Firebird 1.0 and
1.5 work fine with the Interbase module in PHP, but
hopefully we will have a Firebird build sometime.

> Any guidance on what is a good Linux version to use with either Firebird or
> Kylix would be appreciated.

I've tried a couple of other distros over the last few
years, but there was nothing to make me change from SUSE -
except the online update program, but now I use fou4s which
knocks spots off SUSE's YOU, but that's a question for the
SUSE list ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services