Subject "TYPE" as reserved keywords also in FireBird 1.5 ?
Author Enrico
i need to use FireBird as a DataBase for a GIS application (StarGIS).
For make this i have used an ODBC driver (i have try with Easysoft
ODBC driver) and my GIS can see it's table in FireBird.
GIS application use 5 table to store it's internal reference into the
database but one of this table have a field named: TYPE.
SQL select sended from GIS to FireBird don't enclose the name of
field in bracket, then when a select like this: SELECT TYPE FROM
MYTABLE are sended to FireBird an error occour.

How can i solve this problem ?
In FireBird 1.5 there are some plan for removing TYPE from the
reserved word list ?

Thanks to all.
Enrico Raviglione.