Subject RE: [firebird-support] IBOconsole
Author Leyne, Sean
> From: Ann Harrison [mailto:aharrison@...]

> Helen Borrie wrote:
> > InterBase 7 is ODS 11 and Firebird 2 will probably be ODS 12.

Helen, we talked about this at Fulda...

We don't want to be anywhere near the IB ODS numbers -- there can't be 2
engines which have 2 different definitions of ODS 12 -- would result in
the equivalent to your "ambulance at bottom of cliff" analogy for
running with Forced Writes = OFF on Win32.

> Actually, 200 might be a better choice.

While I think 200 is a little over kill, anything above 50 is fine by me
-- that way we have more room before needing to change the ODS to an