Subject Re: confiable backup?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "Artur Anjos" <artur@a...>
> > In fact, you can create a shadow and then detach it from the
> > without stopping the database. It's not the same as a
> > (confiable?) backup.
> How can I do it ?
> a) DROP SHADOW will delete it from disk as well.
> b) I did some search for a gfix parameter to do it, but no luck at

Artur, did'nt you tried gfix -kill MyDatabase.gdb? Menacing command,
seems invented by great joker :))) This option is'nt documented in
general list of gfix options, it's carefully hidden in OpGuide -
Database Configuration and Maintenance - Shadowing - Auto Mode and
Manual Mode. Shadow file remains on disk, but I'm not sure it is safe
for shadow to make it when there are active users.

Best regards, Alexander.