Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: IBOQuery and datasource mechanics
Author Alan McDonald
> There is a bug in IB/FB1 which causes to hardly predicted
> parameter bindings
> in non-trivial cases (subselects, internal functions, etc). As
> you know, the
> server doesn't use parameter names, only ordinals (because every parameter
> is just a "?" sign in a SQL statement). But the server-generated bindings
> didn't correspond to parameters in their textual order within
> SQL, i.e. your
> value for parameter :A may be in fact assigned to another one and vice
> versa. AFAIK, Jason has a workaround for this bug is his IBO
> library, so you
> may notice problems with FB 1.5 (which has this bug fixed) and IBO.
> Specially for such situations, the mentioned compatibility parameter
> (OldParameterOrdering) was added to firebird.conf.

Thanks Dmitry, I shall do some more research.