Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: IBOQuery and datasource mechanics
Author Alan McDonald
> But hints: read the notes in firebird.conf itself and, if you're curious
> about the bug, search the firebird-devel archives for postings by Jason
> about parameter ordering. And set OldParameterOrdering true (=1) for IBO
> (for now) because IBO mudges params to work around the bug that
> Nickolay fixed.
> ^heLen

Thanks Helen,
I actually asked in IBO first and was told to ask here. I assumed my Q
related equally to FB1.02 but it appears to also relate to IBO since Dmitry
suggests something Jason has done to accommodate this issue.

The notes in the conf itself are next to useless in explaining what's going
on (at least in my conf)

and I have no idea what "mudges" means - sounds like a Borrism to me