Subject Re: SP's and Embedded SQL
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Peter, All,

Regarding the first code snippet (quoted below), I'd
guess that the precompiler doesn't cast for const alone
(to cast a parameter from char* to const char*), and the
real problem is the incomplete (ahem) const correctness of
the isc_* API. I would assume that the signature of
isc_transact_request should have some number of "const"

Peter Jacobi

--- In, Peter Faulks wrote:
> isc_transact_request (isc_status, &gds_database, &gds_trans,
> sizeof (isc_3), isc_3, (short) 20, (char *) &isc_4, (short) 4, (char
> *) &isc_11);
> Error test1.cpp 152: Cannot convert 'const char *' to 'char *' in
> main(
> )
> Error test1.cpp 152: Type mismatch in parameter 5 in call to '__stdcall
> isc_tran
> sact_request(long *,void * *,void * *,unsigned short,char *,unsigned
> short,char
> *,unsigned short,char *)' in function main()