Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Time type field clarification
Author Ivan Prenosil
> Please take a look at the subject:
> "Time field param doesn't convert right"
> in Borland's InterbaseExpress newsgroup to see the exact response. It says
> the API doesn't provide a way to transfer the milliseconds. What I actually
> mean in my question is the partial seconds whether it be milliseconds or
> fractions.

InterBase and Firebird use the same time format,
which is (integer) number of 0.0001 seconds from midnight.

There are many different date/time formats used in different environments,
like tm, time_t, TTimeStamp, TDateTime, etc., each of which
has its own limits (e.g. tm storing only whole seconds).

IB/FB provides some built-in API functions for converting between IB/FB native
format and tm strucutre. NOTHING/NOBODY force you to use these
functions and tm format.

> InterBase's API doesn't have a place to put millisecond information.
> Therefore any tool (including IBX) which uses the IB API and its native
> TM struct to send time information to IB will truncate milliseconds.
> -Craig

Wrong. TM is _not_ native format of IB/FB.

Ivan Prenosil