Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: SP's and Embedded SQL
Author Peter Faulks
On Sat, 05 Jul 2003 19:09:52 -0000 "peter_jacobi.rm"
<peter_jacobi@...> wrote:

> Regarding the first code snippet (quoted below), I'd
> guess that the precompiler doesn't cast for const alone
> (to cast a parameter from char* to const char*), and the
> real problem is the incomplete (ahem) const correctness of
> the isc_* API. I would assume that the signature of
> isc_transact_request should have some number of "const"
> inserted.

Thanks for you reply Peter.

I had already decided to amend my ibase.h and add the 'const' qualifier to
the 5th param in the function declaration. It now compiles, and appears to
work correctly (in limited testing).

But I still have no idea how to name a transaction with a call to EXECUTE
PROCEDURE. This is a major problem for me... I have a huge project full of
named transactions that needs to be modified so that all inserts/updates
are done by SP's (its a table permission thing).