Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: how to use embedded serveur?
Author Tim Ledgerwood
>This is true, but it is a kind of advanced feature at the moment. If you want
>to do this you need to use the .zip file and manually configure everything.
>The downloadable installable executables should have an installation readme
>which states clearly that previous versions should be uninstalled before
>continuing. This only applies to the installable binaries, but it is
>currently the only simple way of ensuring that Firebird installs and
>uninstalls cleanly and without screwing up your system.
>There are several issues which can cause problems for you, InterBase and
>Firebird 1.5.
>o Location of gds32.dll.
>o Firebird or InterBase binaries in the path.
>o The port that Firebird listens on.
>o The named pipe that Firebird uses.
>are the main ones.

This is all very informative, except it doesn't tell us how to do it. :-)
Anybody got any tips for those of us who need to do it? The port issue
seems to have been well explained, but can anyone explain the other issues
or give any tips on how to handle it?

I am in the situation of having recently converted my code to IBO for use
with FB. Our production systems run on IB 6.02. So if I can't get this
right, I need to set up a physically separate machine for either DEV or
PROD development work.



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