Subject Re: Any idea of numbers of installations?
Author Fred P.
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> I think it would be very important if firebird web page give us
> something like Linux Counter:
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I'm new to both FB and this group. I am evaluating FB for possible
use in some networking projects that some of my clients have planned
in the near future. But their major concern is going to be "is FB
ready from 'primetime'?" If I could show my clients that FB is
already deployed and working reliably in similar applications, that
would be a major step towards convincing them to choose FB.

I would love to know how many actual "production" installations are
deployed as opposed to "development" or "evaluation" installations.
Also, some honest testimonials of FB applications in production
environments would be quite valuable. Perhaps this information
already exists. If so, a pointer to it would be greatly appreciated.

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