Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Any idea of numbers of installations?
Author Martijn Tonies

> I'm new to both FB and this group. I am evaluating FB for possible
> use in some networking projects that some of my clients have planned
> in the near future. But their major concern is going to be "is FB
> ready from 'primetime'?" If I could show my clients that FB is
> already deployed and working reliably in similar applications, that
> would be a major step towards convincing them to choose FB.

Mind you - Firebird is based upon the InterBase source code. A
database engine with a 20 year history - see for
more on it's history.

> I would love to know how many actual "production" installations are
> deployed as opposed to "development" or "evaluation" installations.
> Also, some honest testimonials of FB applications in production
> environments would be quite valuable. Perhaps this information
> already exists. If so, a pointer to it would be greatly appreciated.

Well, for one - about 60% ( I believe ) of Russian money transfers
(or whatever, can someone enlighten me here, what did Nickolay
create an application for?) is done through Firebird (very large

Also, the complete Norway Cancer Registry is stored into a Firebird
database. That is, a registration for each occurence of cancer in

So besides any Firebird applications, you should probably also
mention that Firebird is much older than version 1.

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Martijn Tonies
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