Subject Re: POST_EVENT and it params
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer"
<ts@i...> wrote:
> I must admit that it is more a academical than a practical scenario.
> ;-)

Excellent, Thomas, thank you. I'm, being professional in systems
engineering and analisys, recommend to use system metodology when
projecting practical decisions, i.e. formulate aims and build their
dependancies tree from top level to bottom (which are not already aims
but atomic actions on realization), predict all (or at least as many
as possible) side effects and re-design target if this effects are too
dangerous. Other ways is just "I like it" vs "I don't" idle talk :)
So, question not to Thomas but to all persons who say "I like freedom"
;)) - answer please what targets people want to reach using absolutely
free parameter in events, such as record's ID? Warning: I participated
in many discussions on this subject and have answers like Ann, but on
this limited space only :) Phil's usage of events is most reasonable
for me.

Best regards, Alexander.