Subject Re: [firebird-support] POST_EVENT and it params
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Wednesday 02 July 2003 09:00, Martijn Tonies wrote:


> Thank you for these examples. This indeed makes use of
> "dynamic" events in a useful way. I guess we were stuck in
> registering events on application startup, rather than registering
> in events and un-registering them afterwards :-)

FB Events are often underused, and often abused IMO. They can be very
powerful tools, but can also lead to major performance issues as well.

Our systems are often made up of a number of discreate parts, and, certainly
for the smaller systems, 'runtime' use of events does away with the need for
a Messaging server (e.g. JMS) and even 'application servers' in a lot of
cases. Some of our 2-tier systems would have to have been n-tier if FB did
not have events.

Events could be 'improved' in a number of ways, for instance being able to
use queues and send BLOB data...

POST_EVENT ("QueueName", "EventName", BLOB)

..but then there is a danger of going too far

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