Subject RE: [firebird-support] Phantom user logged into database
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> This is probably way out of left field, but on the database we are
> using (Firebird 1.5 RC 2 on Win2k Server) we have noticed in the
> IBConsole under Database|Connected users an entry - '(SQL Server)'.
> This despite the fact that there is no such user in the database and
> SQL Server is not installed anywhere on the network. It 'logs in'
> every now and again for a couple of hours. We can't figure it out.
> Not that it seems to be doing any harm or anything.

Change Log:

2002-06-28 15:58 alexpeshkoff

* firebird2/src/jrd/inf.cpp:
fixed bug #545725 - internal connections to database now reported
as user (SQL Server)

Don't ask me what this internal connection does. Core developers
might jump in here ;-).

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer

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