Subject Phantom user logged into database
Author gmradiohead
This is probably way out of left field, but on the database we are
using (Firebird 1.5 RC 2 on Win2k Server) we have noticed in the
IBConsole under Database|Connected users an entry - '(SQL Server)'.
This despite the fact that there is no such user in the database and
SQL Server is not installed anywhere on the network. It 'logs in'
every now and again for a couple of hours. We can't figure it out.
Not that it seems to be doing any harm or anything.

Anybody seen behaviour similar to this? Is there some way of tracing
the user by finding out the source IP address? Perhaps it is some
odd behaviour of IBConsole itself.

May I take the opportunity to congratulate the Firebird team on
creating a rock-solid, fast database system. We've never seen it go
down in two months of heavy usage.