Subject Still UDF problem.
Author Ghanshyam
Thanx heLen,

I am using iNVL and sNVL, from fbudf.dll. When I am not using the
UDF in my code, it works fine.
I've tried using at one particular place. It also works fine. But if
there is any next statement which uses the UDF, it gives an error.

qry = "select categoryid,sNvl(" + Trim(language) + "catname" + ",'')
from tblcategories" --This is in fn A() & works fine.

qry = "select sNvl(name,'')," + sNvl(description,''),sNvl
(SKU,''),tblproducts.prodid,pprice,sNvl(pimgurl,'') from
tblproducts,tbl" + Trim(language) + " where tblproducts.prodid=tbl" +
Trim(language) + ".prodid"

-- This is in fn B() which is called after A(). But, the
connection is closed & re-opened. It Doesn't work.

I guess,there is no syntax error. Because, the same code (Just IsNull
instead of sNvl) is working properly with SQL server. And also works
fine with Firebird if IsNull is removed. But,I am trying to change it
to Firebird with sNvl and idNvl.

Error msg in detail -->

Exception of type FirebirdSql.Data.INGDS.GDSException was thrown

[GDSException: Exception of type FirebirdSql.Data.INGDS.GDSException
was thrown.]
connectionString) +72
connectionString) +457
connectionString) +32
FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird.FbConnection.Open() +108

[FbException: Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".]

I don't understand where I am making mistake. 'Coz it doesn't seem
that it is related to connection.

Thanx in advance for any help.