Subject Re: [firebird-support] Still UDF problem.
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
At 12:12 26.06.2003 +0000, you wrote:
>qry = "select categoryid,sNvl(" + Trim(language) + "catname" + ",'')
>from tblcategories" --This is in fn A() & works fine.

OK, this is simply

select categoryid,sNvl(<Language>catname,'') from tblcategories

>qry = "select sNvl(name,'')," + sNvl(description,''),sNvl
>(SKU,''),tblproducts.prodid,pprice,sNvl(pimgurl,'') from
>tblproducts,tbl" + Trim(language) + " where tblproducts.prodid=tbl" +
>Trim(language) + ".prodid"

Huh? This doesn't make sense. The beginning is OK:

select sNvl(name,''),

but then you execute the rest from within whatever your programming
language is. My guess is that you want to remove (or add) one double quote,

qry = "select sNvl(name,''), sNvl(description,''),sNvl
(SKU,''),tblproducts.prodid,pprice,sNvl(pimgurl,'') from
tblproducts,tbl" + Trim(language) + " where tblproducts.prodid=tbl" +
Trim(language) + ".prodid"