Subject Anti-SPAM tools
Author Helen Borrie
This is a general warning to people who are subscribed to the lists using
accounts with and any other ISPs who offer an anti-spam tool
with a sender-confirm option:

**** YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED from our lists.****

For the information of others who are offered such services: what this
tool does for EVERY list message that goes to your mail account is to sends
a highly intrusive html message with javascripts to the list moderator
(me). Amongst other things, this script tries to connect my machine to
some bot running on a server somewhere. This is a power of 10 worse than spam.

I would expect that such a tool allows you to configure it to explicitly
avoid false positives from specific senders. If doesn't allow that, or you
are too lazy to do it, then, sorry, but you lose your privilege to be a
member of our forums. Period.

^heLen (hoppin' mad!!)