Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: confiable backup?
Author Artur Anjos

Take a look at the topic: we just need a 'confiable backup', not checking
the database :-)

> > Nickolay could bring more info to this, but the all ideia is
> > to freeze the database file in time, and make backups of datapages
> instead
> > of tables.
> Don't we have this just now and is'nt it called "shadow"?

No, we don't. You must stop the database before you copy the shadow. At that
time, it will be more easy to copy the database. What we want is a online
backup of the database. I'm not talking about shadow (that, for my
understanding, it's not usefull in any situation at our times with current
hardware. Do you know anyone using a shadow in production? :-) ).

Think of it as "creating on the fly a new database file freezed in time".

Shadow is dinamic.

What we want mostly is just a confiable backup. This way we will have a
very-fast backup (it's just a data pump) that will give us a workable file
as the result.

> Snip - Very detail explanation of Firebird database hygiene

Alexander: this are different problems. We just need a confiable backup, you
are talking about a 'confiable restore'. Something that checks your data.
For me, this could be another tool, maybe a great idea for the Add-Ons tree.

The problems that you mention are already on the database. AFAIU, it's a
database problem, not backup's fault. (Of course GBak does not allow it on
restore time, because it is doing some checking also).

I'm not arguing that all the points that you talk should'nt be in gbak. They
should. This is just another discussion.

Maybe we should continue this in Firebird-general. I love to see Helen
wearing that beatifull hat, but she is to busy now with the book