Subject Re: [firebird-support] How do I change the password for an Interbase GDB?
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:51 AM 24/06/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings All,
>I would like to change the password for the SYSDBA masterkey user to
>something else.
>How do I do it on my copy of the database?
>Can I run an update script to change the password out in the field? If
>so, how? If not, what must I do?

An update script on your database won't do a thing, because the password
lives in the security database (isc4.gdb or security.fdb, depending on
which version of the server you have installed).

Only SYSDBA can get access to the security database so you'd need to have
somebody on site with SYSDBA access.

There is a command shell utility to do it - gsec.

Here's how you can change the SYSDBA password from "masterke" to "cabbages":
Log in to Windows as Administrator or Linux as root.
Go into a command shell.
Go to the /bin directory of your IB installation.
type this command:
gsec -user sysdba -password masterke
at the GSEC> prompt type the following:
modify sysdba -pw cabbages
then at the next prompt type

Now your sysdba password is "cabbages". (It's not secure either. Choose a
really obscure 8-byte string like "b10bnx52".)

Another way to do it is directly at the command line:

gsec -user sysdba -password masterke -modify sysdba -pw b10bnx52 <hit return>