Subject Limitting maximum database file size
Author Bisma Jayadi
Hi there,

I've just installed Firebird 1.0.3 on Linux Red Hat 7.3 succesfully. I
also succesfully create a database which I set the page size to 2048,
say the database name is "mydb.gdb". At the initial creation, I got the
file size about 300 KB. After I created the tables and filled many
records into it, I got the file size expanded into about 4 MB. It's

Then I made an application on Kylix 3 using dbExpress to access the
database. The application I made only UPDATE records within the database
and will never INSERT new records, since I never put INSERT command
within my application. After a few times my application executed, I got
the database file expanded into about 16 MB and keep growing after a few
times more application executions. And the bigger file size, the slower
my application run. I saw that the file size will be expanded if there
are any record updates, and it impacts on its performance.

It looks weird to me because, in my opinion, the file should not be
expanded on record modification. Though it did, it shouldn't have great
negative effect to the database performance. Then, I search the net to
know why this is happened. From IBPhoenix, I found that Firebird has
some kind of record delta mechanism. In my system, I do not need this. I
need the database to store only the last data/record modification, no
more, no less.

So, my question is, how to configure my Firebird server or my database
in order to get persistent database file size and performance? Or for
precisely, turn off the record delta mechanism of Firebird. And, last
question, what can I do with gbak?

For any kind of help and answer, I thank you in advance.



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