Subject Re: [ib-support] XP and slow Interbase
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:56 AM 31/03/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I have some separate networks where I installed Interbase to run an
>One of the machines, P4 1.7HGz, XP pro, 256k RAM runs fine, except for the
>Interbase dependent programs which take forever to load and open files, 40
>seconds or more. Speed is about one fifth, or worse, when compared to other
>network systems using an identical XP machine. In fact, a 500MHz Celeron
>with 64k RAM and W98 is faster and takes about 8 seconds.
>There is no virus checker running, Messenger unloaded.
>No other applications running.
>System restore disabled.
>BIOS set to Top performance, but i also tried defaults, optimised defaults.
>Hosts file has an entry to "localhost" with correct TCP/IP address.
>No firewalls.
>The machine has no modem, TCP/IP is exclusively (I think) used for
>communication between application and Interbase.
>To get some comparative figures I used winzip to zip some data/programs. In
>that case the P4 far outstrips the 500Mhz Cel as I would expect. From that I
>also conclude that it has something to do with the TCP/IP connection.
>Any ideas, suggestions?

If you are certain that SystemRestore isn't doing what it's [[known]] to do
- rehatching itself after you disable it - then look next at your protocol
stack. Try removing NetBEUI (Windows Client for Networking) on the clients
(temporarily). If that fixes the perf. problem, you should be able to put
it back and have it sitting *below* TCP/IP in the protocol stack. If
IPX/SX is there at all, get rid of that entirely.

Are you using DHCP for IP resolution, or having the clients read the Hosts
file directly?

Is the server a SMP machine? If so, you need to set CPU Affinity.