Subject RE: [ib-support] integer division
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> How can I make an integer division in sql or stored procedure?

Simply by using the division operator '\'?

If you have two integers, then the result will automatically
be an integer too. For example:

select 5 / 4 from rdb$database

If the numerator or the denominator isn't an integer, and you
still want an integer as result, then CAST the non integer
value before doing the division. For example:

select cast(5.00 as integer) / 4 from rdb$database

Or in a dialect 3 database, you may use NUMERIC(18,0) for
a huge number, because this is internally mapped to an 64
bit integer.

For example:

select cast(2342352352353255.00 as numeric(18,0)) / 4
from rdb$database

Thomas Steinmaurer