Subject RE: [ib-support] Firebird Acess to DB by 2 different process: Error !!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Hello people, i am newbie in this list ...
> I have developed a Delphi application that access a DB by IB objects. That´s works fine.
> The problem is: when i am running my application in a Win2000 server and then I connect to that database with EMS IB
> Manager ( shareware version 3) or with IBConsole the occurs the following error:
> "Unsucessfull caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequents staments. I/O error fo file
> "C:\file.gdb" - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process "
> The same situation works in 2000 professional. I don´t understand ... The file permissions, the Firebird version 1.02,
> the application are the same ...
> Some help ?? Please talk me ...

AFAIK one reason is an enhancement of Firebird 1.0.x, which
prevents you from accidentally corrupt your database by using
different connect strings from different clients. For example
InterBase 6 will corrupt your database if you connect from one
client with server:C:\data\test.gdb and from another client
with server:C:data\test.gdb (notice the missing '\' after 'C:').

The server will connect to the same database, but maintains
to different pools of cache pages, ... Pretty sure that your
database gets corrupted. Firebird rejects such ambiguous connect

You may check that you are using the same connect string from
every client application you want to connect to your database.

You'd best always using a TCP/IP connection even for "local"
connections by using localhost:c:\data\test.gdb

Thomas Steinmaurer