Subject Firebird Acess to DB by 2 different process: Error !!
Author Antônio Césa da Silveira Jr.
Hello people, i am newbie in this list ...

I have developed a Delphi application that access a DB by IB objects. That´s works fine.

The problem is: when i am running my application in a Win2000 server and then I connect to that database with EMS IB Manager ( shareware version 3) or with IBConsole the occurs the following error:

"Unsucessfull caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequents staments. I/O error fo file "C:\file.gdb" - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process "

The same situation works in 2000 professional. I don´t understand ... The file permissions, the Firebird version 1.02, the application are the same ...

Some help ?? Please talk me ...

Gracias ... ( thanks, obrigado, etc .. )

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