Subject Strategies for resultset paging
Author javier_castanon
Hi everybody!

I need to get rows from a large table that contains more than 100,000
records, and I wish to retrieve them in chunks of 10,000. I'm looking
for strategies about writing a stored procedure to acomplish this. I'm
aware that if I were using Firebird, I could use SELECT FIRST n SKIP m,
but I'm releasing in these days and we can't afford another 3 weeks of
testing, due to the change from Interbase to Firebird.

I'm more acquanted with Oracle and SQL Server, so my first ideas where
about using temp tables and internal table row numbers, but AFAIK, those
features are not available in IB/FB, and since I'm building this
solution looking for the best performance possible, I'm asking for
your advice.

Thanks in advance