Subject Re: IB/FB and MySQL at low bandwidth connection
Author Aage Johansen
nvitya wrote:
>We are using Interbase 6.01 for our application and we want to access
>the data over the internet also. The performance is very good over
>the LAN but low over the internet.
>The client's connection speed is 512 kbit/s for download and 128
>bit/s for upload. This is quite fast, but not enough either...
>Even the simplest query takes about 1 sec to get the result. I see on
>my cable modem that there is a quite heavy two-way traffic during the
>query run.

Whenever queries are prepared a lot of info is transferred over the line.

>I use the isql tool to run a query like "select count(*)
>from table;". The server is a 2.2 GHz P4 connected with higher
>bandwith to the internet than the client. The client and the server
>are in the same city.
>Doing this with MySQL or PostgreSQL gives the result immediately
>(0.05 sec).

"select count(*) from table" (without a WHERE clause) is about the worst
for IB/Fb.
It is a good thing that one hardly ever needs to use it.

>Can be the query run speed somehow increased?
>If not, then I think IB/FB is not suitable for using over internet
>compared to the other SQL servers.

The speed can be improved by not preparing "too often". Also, don't ask
for more columns than you need, or more rows than necessary.
I have an app using ADSL at 512kb/s - it isn't fast, but that's because
about 20 queries are used to fill the form (a pagecontrol with about 20
pages!). (Don't ask - the customer rules!)

Aage J.