Subject Re: [ib-support] Backup and restore of a database
Author Todd Brasseur
My batch file does:

1) deletes old backups
2) uses gfix to shut down the database
3) uses net stop to stop the Guardian Service
4) copies existing database to a backup folder (in case something goes
5) uses net start to start the Guardian Service
6) Backs up the database
7) Restores the database

This has worked fine for me.


Anthony Ison wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm looking to automatically backup and restore a database after an
> upgrade.
> My first attempt at achieving this has met with almost complete failure.
> My approach has been as follows:
> 1. Backup the database (db1.gdb).
> 2. Restore to another file (db2.gdb)
> 3. Copy db1.gdb to db1.gdb.bak
> 4. Copy db2.gdb to db1.gdb
> Unfortunately, this approach has produced a significantly high number of
> corrupt databases. I believe it is to do with the fact that I'm copying a
> database, that could potentially have a number of connections open while
> this is going on.
> I want to introduce more tests, etc that will guarantee a non-corrupt
> database at the end of the process. This should be the original file
> if the
> backup and resotre was not successful. I would like to be able to do this
> on a remote machine except, I don't trust the backups produced (there
> is no
> guarantee they will restore) and I am not really prepared to wait for the
> database to restore to a temp location and then restore to the location I
> want...
> What do others do to regularly maintain their databases? Is a backup and
> restore enough? How do you guarantee the system is not in use when you
> start a backup and restore? How do you stop someone from using your
> system
> once the backup and restore has been started?
> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Thanks
> Anthony
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