Subject libgds, crypt, and unixODBC
Author g868avx
I'm using Red Hat 7.2; unixODBC-2.0.7; geminii odbc driver 2.1;
Firebird SS 1.02.

I can connect to FB using /opt/interbase/bin/isql and the sysdba
userid. I can also connect as root via /usr/bin/isql using the
geminii driver. However, if I specify a UID PWD combo it does not

isql -v Employee sysdba masterkey
isql: relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: crypt

Also, when I login as another (non-root) user, I am able to
execute /usr/bin/isql successfully without specifying any username or
password. This looks to me like all users will have sysdba/root
access to the databases. I am quite surprised by this behaviour. I
would have thought that if a non-root user invoked unixODBC with no
UID or PWD then the connect would fail.

I have written to the support and contact addresses for geminii (e.g.
support@...), but the email is just returned.