Subject IBConsole Very slow to responde (Opening Delphi projects too)
Author M Tuttle
Greetings All,

Please forgive me for asking this as I know it has probably been asked many time before. Up until now I have really not paid any attention to any post regarding this issues as it had not affected me.

Windows XP Pro
Delphi 5.1
Interbase 6.01 (Local Server)

I setup a brand new computer and installed Interbase 6.01 today. When I open an existing project in Delphi 5.1, it takes about 60 seconds to open the project. So I close Delphi and go to open IBConsole.

I have already setup and registered a Local Server and database in IBConsole. When I double click on "Local Server", that what I called it, it takes 20 seconds to responde. I then double click on my database and it takes another 32 seconds to responde.

In C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ I have the following setup:

hosts: localhost SOFTTECH (Windows Server)

services: gds_db 3050/tcp # InterBase Server

Any ideas what I can check to get this speed issue resolved?

Thanks to all that reply.


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