Subject Re: Upgrading from MySQL
Author Aage Johansen
rogerirwin2000 <irwin@...> wrote:
> ...
> RTFM, I appreciate that having sub queries alleviates the need in most
> cases **but** as I said, I have some records that get updated
> continuously which simply do not need to be maintained if the computer
> goes down. It seems such a shame to work the disks for nothing, and of
> course RAM is much faster!

If the records are 'updated continuously' they may possibly be kept in the
cache so the lack of in-memory tables might not be a great loss.

As for AutoIncrement fields: I believe that some of the (commercial) tools
(IB Workbench, IBExpert and others) offer some help in doing the grunt work
(fields and triggers). There's not much to it, of course, unless you have
to create a lot of them.

Aage J.