Subject Upgrading from MySQL
Author rogerirwin2000
Like many people I am looking to use Phoenix as a high powered
replacemnt for MySQL. By and large this is easy as Phoenix
functionality tends to superseed that of MySQL. But I would like to
make a couple of observations:

1) MySQL users (and MSACCESS and many other db users) are used to
having an auto-increment column to generate a unique index number.
Phoenix uses 'generators for this, and I would agree that this is an
improved technique. BUT, it does make porting a pain! Suppose Phoenix
added an auto-increment column type that was an alias for an integer
field whose default value is set to a generator name called <table-
name>_DefGen. Perhaps it is possible to do something similar?

2) MySQL has 'heap' table types, which are tables with reduced
functionality which are stored in memory. They are probably needed
less in Phoenix as MySQL users mostly use them for temporary tables
to overcome the lack of a sub-select capability. **BUT** I do have
real applications for these tables, that is data that is frequently
modified but does not need to be persistent. Is there any way to
vreate tables in memory? I suppose one could use afile on a ramdisk,
but in that case it would not be possible to form queries which span
tables on both disk based files and ramdisk based files, or am I
wrong here?